Alpha Industries & Daily Paper join forces to reimagine Zambian scientist Edward Nkoloso’s dream to go to space.

Military inspired brand Alpha Industries and Amsterdam-based clothing label Daily Paper team up with a new limited edition outerwear piece for the upcoming winter.

Founded in 2010, Daily Paper was built on the beauty of its heritage and culture. Their heritage is a element that will always remain a significant part of the brand. Extracting various aspects of African history as inspiration, for the collaboration Daily Paper looks forward to translate their visions of cultural evolution into Alpha Industries established military bomber silhouette.


The Daily Paper x Alpha Industries partnership is built upon inspiration from Zambian scientist, Edward Nkoloso’s 1960s dream to build Zambia’s first ever space program to visit the moon and send his so called ‘Afronaunts’ to Mars.

Despite his efforts to obtain funding from Western powers, his dream never became a reality.

Nevertheless, Nkoloso gave his people hope to always chase your dreams no matter how big.

The MA-1 bomber jacket seeks to explore Nkoloso’s dream coming to light by reimagining a unique iteration of the iconic MA-1 bomber jacket.

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