60th Anniversary

In 1959 Alpha Industries was commissioned by the Department of Defense to design and manufacture high performance outerwear for the US military. It all started with a rented factory in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee and just a few staff members. That was the beginning of the nowadays so well-known authentic and legitimate MA-1 Flight Jacket.

Over the years the company added several new colors to the original products or customized them with different patches or prints but the jacket itself and especially the capability to withstand every type of weather and outside influences stayed the same at all times. That´s why Alpha Industries quickly became synonymous with developing the iconic MA-1, M-65 and N-3B trusted by soldiers, sailors and aviators to protect them from the most dire conditions across land, sea and air.

The year 2019 marks the 60th Anniversary of the brands successful existence and it didn´t come by easily to maintain the demand for the products at a high level. Alpha Industries always put the main focus on aligning the quality of the product with the buyer´s desire while also constantly upgrading the design to go with the development in the fashion industry.

To adequately celebrate Alpha Industries´ 60th Anniversary we created a small capsule collection that focuses on the jubilee with special embroideries and prints. Besides this we worked on several exclusive collaborations with famous brands and of course also improved our already existing styles.

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